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How to retire early and live like a Nene.

How To Retire Early

Retirement is wasted on the old. Old people hate flying, they don’t have nearly enough energy nor stamina to really make the most out of the freedom that comes with never needing to work again. Young people could make much better use of all those years of unhindered adventure. It’s a real tragedy. Don’t fret friends. Together we can help free all those young people that are endlessly toiling away at meaningless jobs. We can do something about this seriously sad state of affairs. Early Retirement is the solution. Realizing that retiring early is a possibility is like realizing that the Matrix exists. Just knowing of the possibility of early retirement makes early retirement that much more achievable. So go ahead, pat yourself on the back, you are headed in the right direction. Now it’s time to take the red pill and free yourself. Another key realization is that in order to change your destiny, you need to change your behavior. You can easily estimate your time to retirement based on your savings rate.

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Smelly Yet Beautiful: Our North American Adventure

Let’s talk about budget travel. And I mean real budget travel. Not that commercial “travel package” kind of budget travel, but the grimy, do-it-my-goddam-self kind of travel. Save the cost of rent for 4 months by living out of your car- kind of travel. This is not your average vacation folks.

Europe- not so expensive after all

We visited Copenhagen, Paris, Cordoba, Grenada, Nimes, Rome, and the Rhine River in Germany. We traveled by train. Train travel in Europe is so luxurious. You can just sit in a cozy seat with a table and eat sandwiches and drink wine. Look out the window and watch the castles drift by as you travel at incredibly high speeds. We brought a picnic cooler bag with us and it was always filled with wine, olives, and sandwich ingredients.

Our Story

How Did the Nerds Catch Fire financial independence retire early- Iron Bull torture device from the inquisition at Palacio de los Olvidado in Granada, Spain

How Did The Nerds Catch FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early)?

I felt trapped in the life I had made for myself. I had my dream job that I had worked for years to get to. I lived in Hawaii and owned my own home. Everything looked great on paper. But the reality was something different.  I was overstressed and overworked. I needed to find a way out but I was the bread winner and someone had to pay the mortgage. I lived like that for years. I needed to find a way to never have a boss again and to never be forced to work at a job that I hated.  Finally Mr. Nerd’s business began to gain momentum, earning enough to support our life, and I was able to join him in the business. This was the point that I decided to gain control of our financial future. I realized that my unhappiness in our previous work was part due to feeling financially insecure. We were natural savers and that had been enough until that point. It wasn’t enough anymore, we needed to understand our finances so that I would never feel trapped like that again and so that we could build the life we wanted.

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